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Upright Basses

Luigi Chiericato Italian Bass circa 1850
7/8 size , 4 string bass. Top is slab cut fir back and sides are extremely tonal rich English Black Poplar
Shadow pickup

• 100 yr old 3/4 German Bass rebuilt by the late Scott Zumberge
Pirastro Obligato Bass Strings
Shadow pickup

• LaSalle French Bow & Carlson’s Swedish Rosin

Electric Basses

Ernie Ball Musicman Stingray 5 fretted bass
  Ken Smith Rockmaster (taper core) strings 45-130 gauge

• 1966 Fender Jazz Fretless w/ Bartolini Pickups
  Ken Smith Rockmaster strings 45-105 guage


 • Upright rig - Hendriksen Jazz Amp 12 combo amp

    Electric rig - Hartke 3500 Head /Genz Benz           15" speaker cabinet                              
SWR Workingman’s 12 Combo Amp

Galien Krueger MBE 115 Combo Amp

Walter Woods Stereo Bass Amp mid 80’s vintage

Joe w/bass luthier extraordinaire - Barrie Kolstein