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Joe Sarver is one of the more in demand bass players in the central Virginia area. He has been playing the bass professionally since the age of 12. A native Richmonder, Joe has spent the better part of his musical career working with many of the most notable musicians in the Central Virginia region in every venue imaginable. Largely a self taught player, over the years Joe has been fortunate enough to have some wonderful musical associations with great veteran jazz players on the Richmond scene as well as some key figures in the jazz world of national prominence. As a young musician Joe received tremendous encouragement and “on the job training” from these musical relationships. This mentoring process in his youth helped Joe to develop his natural talent. “They graciously took me under their wings and showed me the way” says Joe.

Joe also obtained formal music training and music theory at VCU while completing a BS degree in Physics in the late 70’s. Additionally, he studied string bass privately with several classical bassists that performed in the Richmond Symphony. As a result of an audition tape he submitted, Joe was selected as a 1980 recipient of a National Endowment For The Arts grant to study jazz with a recognized jazz master. Joe chose to study with L.A. based jazz pianist, arranger and composer Tom Garvin whose performing and arranging credits at that time included The Tonight Show Band with Johnny Carson and famed jazz singer Carmen McRae among others. During the early 80’s Joe had a number of opportunities to actually perform with Tom Garvin. “Tom was a big influence on the direction that my life would eventually take during a period where it came down to choosing between a professional music career and a technical profession such as engineering” says Joe. “It was during my association with Garvin in the early 80’s that I decided to try and do both, with music becoming my avocation and engineering becoming my primary means of making a living. In looking back, it was definitely the right life turning experience.”

In addition to his musical avocation which he pursues intensely and passionately, Joe currently serves in a key technical and administrative capacity for a local technology company. He is married and has two sons. The eldest son Evan, like his dad, is a talented young bassist in his own right. Joe is an avid tennis player and has always enjoyed the complimentary relationship that tennis and music have formed in his life. Thanks in large part to enthusiastic support from his family, Joe has managed to balance, his music career, technical career, and family life. He makes all of these things work in resoundingly successful fashion. “My life moves at a fantastic rate. The things that I do that are so dear to me - they are like juggling several balls – each one made of glass. I can’t afford to let any of them drop!” I am truly, truly blessed with the talents God has given me and for the life that I live and the gigs I have to play. Overall, the artistry and creativity that my music has afforded me have been a continuum of great inspiration, passion, and joy in my life.”

Joe Sarver has shared the stage with, toured and/or recorded with the following artists :
Adam Larrabee
Antonio Garcia                 
Anthony Dowd
Billy Williams
Bob Hallahan
Brenner Pugh
Bruce Nickols
Bruce Sullivan
Carlton Ayles
Charlie Kilpatrick
Charles Woodson
Chris Vasi
Dana Fitzsimons
Daniel Clark
Dario Eskenazi                   
Dawn Thompson
Dave Pope
Dave Triplett
Dave Hoggard
Debo Dabney
Debra Deane
Desiree Roots                                      
Devonne Harris
Dick Proctor
Ebony Magazine Fashion Show
Eddie Williams
Ernestine Jackson
Gary Smulyan
George ‘Poochie’ Ross
Gil Cray
Greg Holloway
Havana Carbo
Harris Levy
Harris Simon
Hod O’Brien
Howard Curtis
JC Kuhl
Jamel Nance
Jack Diamond
James Gates
Jay Armentrout
Jim Branch
Jim Coles
Joe Kennedy Jr.
Joe Temperly
Joey Baron
Jimmy Black
Joe Scott
John D’earth
Johnny Houston
Johnny Coles
John Zachary
Kevin Gaines
Keith Willingham
Kip Williams
Laura Ann Boyd
Laura Martier
Lee Covington
Lisa Edwards-Burrs
Lucy Kilpatrick
Maria Garcia
Marna Bales
Maxine Sullivan
Mike Davison
Mike Ess
Mike Shifflett
Howard Curtis
Pat Lawler
Penn Farmer
Phil Riddle
Randy Felts
Randy Johnson
Richard Harmon
Richmond Forum
Robert Jospe
Roger Carroll
Ross Riddell
Royce Campbell
Russ Hanchin
Russell Wilson
Skip Gailes
St Giles Choir
St Michaels Choir
Steve Bassett
Steve Kessler
Steve Wilson
Theodeus Rogers
Tommy Clark
Tom Garvin
Tom Kaczmarek
Tommy Witten
Victor Goines
Virgil Brackens
Weldon Hill